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Scala Contarini del Bovolo
Venezia, San Marco 4299
Corte Contarini del Bovolo
30124 Venezia
Ph +39 041 3096605
Fondazione Venezia – Servizi alla Persona
Via Rampa Cavalcavia 9
30172 Venezia Mestre
Ph. +39 041 3039211
Fax +39 041 3039299

Fondazione Venezia – Servizi alla Persona

Fondazione Venezia – Servizi alla Persona is born in 2014 with the aim of creating an entity whose purpose is the provision of social and health care throughout the Venetian Area.

Historically engaged in social and in welfare, the Antica Scuola dei Battuti, located in Mestre and the IRE of Venice, institutions whose aim is the public welfare and charity, have offered their experience and promoted the development of Venice Foundation with the purpose of create an offer of services aimed at satisfying the needs and well-being of the person, respecting and promoting its totality, integrity, character and uniqueness.

Considered its charitable purposes, the Foundation has decided to operate in the promotion and enhancement of cultural and historical heritage. The return to the community of places considered artistic and cultural goods of great value is a duty to present and future generations.

IRE of Venice

Since 1939 the Institutions of Assistance and Education whose italian acronym is IRE of Venice has realized his work in the social sector, inheriting the task that traditionally, since the Middle Ages, has been followed by different entities dedicated to the care and assistance of the most fragile and vulnerable part of the venetian population.

Institution of public assistance and charity, today the IRE pursues the provision of services and performances relating welfare, health, education and beneficence; its actions aimed at prevention of social problems, in favor of the old people, the disabled, minors, young adults, people and families in need, without any discrimination.

The IRE realizes its mission through the management of sheltered housing, community housing, day centers and rehabilitation, training for employment.