Accessibility and Services

Guaranteed visits

The Foundation reserves the right to revoke and amend the day and the time of the booking for major and/or security issues. Should cancellation be necessary, the Museum will attempt to contact all customers who have booked tickets in advance via e-mail. The Foundation will take care of any refund or amendment in case of inability to guarantee the visit.


Visitors with disabilities willing to visit the Scala Contarini have to contact the booking office in advance as there is no lift available on site.


In the interest of the museum areas and visitors, you must not:

  • Smoke
  • Drink or eat
  • Take large animals
  • Take large bags or backpacks
  • Touch the exhibition artworks
  • Allow unattended children to enter the Belvedere of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo
  • Run within the museum premises and be harmful for other visitors and/or for the museum collections
  • Trespass museum barriers and premises

Photos and Videos

Photos without flash are allowed for personal purposes. Any other use of photographs or videos must be allowed by the museum. Do not use any photographs or videos for commercial purposes, unless arranged otherwise directly with the Foundation. Any arrangement shall be stated by written correspondence.
Visitors may be subject to photographs, audio or videos in the interest of museum documentation or publishing.


There is no public lightning in the museum external areas at night. Fondazione Venezia Servizi alla Persona declines any responsibility for damage to people and/or things caused accidentally by visitors. Visitors must take responsibility for any damage to structures and/or artworks.


Visitors shall forward any queries or complaints regarding the exhibition or visitor services by e-mail – or by letter- Fondazione Venezia Servizi alla Persona, Via Rampa Cavalcavia, n. 9, 30172 – Venezia Mestre. The Foundation will answer within 30 days from the date of receipt.


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